Swimming coach of a school arrested after molestation case filed

A swimming coach was arrested on the complaint of molestation filed by the parents of a student of class 9 of Pestleweed School based in the city. The case came to light after the student told her parents about the ordeal she had faced for days. Police swung into action and arrested the coach after the case was lodged by the family members of the girl.  The family members further alleged that the school was trying to suppress the incident when they were supposed to take action. Further, they demanded action to be taken against the school administration.

After getting information about the case, the chairperson of State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR) Usha Negi reached the campus of the school on Thursday. She said she had found during her visit that the school had been running sans the basic requirements like installation of   CCTV cameras on the premises. “Besides, the school campus houses a wedding point inside which disturbs the students during their classes,” she said. She further said that she had asked the school administration to provide the commission with some documents. “On receipt of the documents, appropriate actions would be taken against the school,” Negi added.

Meanwhile, various activist groups based in the city have come out on Thursday, demanding stringent punishment to the accused and cancellation of the no- objection certificate (NOC) of the school.  The groups also served a memorandum to the district education department as well as to SCPCR, asking for justice. Speaking about it, the head of the National Association for Parents and Students Rights (NAPSR) Arif Khan said, “The private schools in the city are working as per their whims, something which should not be tolerated. As far as this school is concerned its NOC must be cancelled immediately. And the same must apply to all the schools from where molestation charges involving the students come.”

He further said, “We would not sit quietly until strict actions are not taken against the school administration. We would launch stir soon if exemplary punishment is not given to the accused and action  is taken against the school.”


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