‘Strict action needed to curb crime against children’

Murder not the only condemnable act allegedly carried out in the school- SCPCR chief

The recent gruesome case in which a 12-year boy of class VII was allegedly beaten to death by senior students after being accused of stealing a packet of biscuits, has elicited focus on various anomalies continuing in schools. This is not only a single case in the Children Home Academy situated in Ranipokhri but there have been other questionable incidents in the past too.

As per the information from sources, a student of Children Home Academy named Mohan Mehta had lost his life in a trekking trip in the year 2017. The authorities of the school run by missionaries allegedly also attempted to carry out religious conversion of the students. If sources are to be believed, there was also an alleged rape case and a suicide case in the same school in the past. When State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR) chairperson Usha Negi visited the school campus a few days ago she found out that students in the academy were cooking food rather than studying. Also the basic condition of the hostels and food given to students was not found to be up to the mark.

When asked about it Usha Negi said, “The recent death is not the only alarming issue related to this school. We will be holding a Press conference regarding the matter on April 4.”

Adding further in this she said, “It is very important that officials responsible take their work seriously. No Objection Certificate (NOC) has some value but it doesn’t mean that the officials should become complacent and never visit the school campus. It is very important to check all such campuses regularly so that no institute dare to do such a thing.”

Expressing the need to work in the ground level she said, “It is very important that every individual take his/her responsibility very seriously. The SCPCR only works to monitor and give guidelines but even then we work and reach every spot. Action on our request to install CCTV cameras in every such institution has been pending for a long time. Effective work on the ground will help in reducing crime against the children,” she added. Tuesday, 02 April 2019 | PNS | DEHRADUN

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