STF arrests CSC operators making fake IDs

Thursday, 26 January 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The Uttarakhand Special Task Force (STF) has arrested two men from a common service centre (CSC) operating at Selaqui area of Dehradun for making counterfeit documents including Aadhar cards and birth certificates among others. Many of such Aadhar cards are also allegedly updated in the central government’s website of UIDAI. Both accused are also suspected to be associated with other such gangs active in other parts of the country. The STF has recovered official stamps of several government hospitals of many states which were used to forge birth certificates. The senior superintendent of police of STF, Ayush Agrawal said that the authorities received information about a CSC in Selaqui area that was making counterfeit documents like Aadhar card, and other IDs that can be used for anti-national activities too. The STF’s investigation confirmed the allegations following which a team conducted a raid in the CSC on Tuesday. The STF arrested CSC operators named Idrish Khan and Rohil Malik and recovered several forged documents including birth certificates which were forged using official stamps of several government hospitals of the country. Agrawal said that the accused revealed during the investigation that they have been in contact with some people in Jharkhand and Bihar who create such fake websites that help them to issue a birth certificate from any government hospital of a district. These certificates are mostly the exact same copy of the real certificate to prevent suspicion as per the accused, said the SSP. “Many labourers from various States arrive in several factories set up in the Selaqui area for work. Those who do not have a legitimate Aadhar card or are underage as per their own IDs, approach CSC to increase their age in IDs to be eligible to get the job,’’ said Agrawal. He said that the authorities are investigating both accused to get information about how many such documents they have issued since they started this scam. The STF will proceed on the matter as per the information revealed during the investigation, added Agrawal. 

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