Special prayers offered to Ganga at Gangotri

Thursday, 20 May 2021 | PNS | New Tehri

Priests pray for relief from Covid on Ganga Saptami

The occasion of Ganga Saptami was marked with simplicity at Gangotri shrine. The temple priests prayed for the welfare of the world and freedom from Covid pandemic by reciting Ganga Sahastratranama, Ganga Lahari, Ganga Stotra and conducted a Hawan. The Teerth Purohits also appealed to the people to keep the Ganga river clean.

The goddess Ganga worshipped according to Vedic rituals at Gangotri temple during the Brahma Muhurt on Wednesday. This was followed by the Hawan in the shrine compound. Ganga Saptami is celebrated on the seventh day of Shukla Paksha of Vaisakh month. It is believed that on this day godess Ganga descended from heaven into the matted locks of lord Shiva. This day is also known as Ganga Jayanti.

Speaking on the occasion, secretary of the five temple committee in Gangotri, Deepak Semwal said that the remembrance of Ganga is the way for human beings to get benefited. He said that the priests offered special prayers seeking protection of the people from Covid-19. 

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