The advice of scientists should be taken necessarily in the construction of roads in the Himalayan region, said the Central Road Research Institute scientist Ashok Kumar. Responding to a question, he said that the opinion of scientists should also be taken in the construction of the all-weather road project in Uttarakhand. He was speaking at the ongoing three-day international seminar on sustainable development challenges in the Himalaya organized by the Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University at the Doon University on Thursday. On the second day of the seminar on Thursday, research papers were presented on various subjects including health and education, waste management, rivers and dams, biodiversity, agriculture and the utilization of natural resources. Addressing the session on health and education, environmental scientist MY Khan said that there is a direct link between education and health. Enhancing the level of education in the Himalayan region will help bring improvement in the health scenario. Professor VK Joshi said that the Himalayan region has been a source of energy. To achieve the desired level of development, the energy sources in this region should be harnessed to their full potential. Speaking on the reasons for floods in the Himalayan region, environmental scientist SP Sati elaborated upon the causes for changing rain pattern. read more post…

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