Social media & lack of coping skills fuelling aggression

Tuesday, 25 JUNE  2024 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Various factors including social media influence, sedentary lifestyle and lack of coping skills have contributed to the prevalent issue of aggression among individuals, the experts said. They said this in light of a recent incident in Dehradun involving a dispute between two parties over moving a car on a narrow road to enable the other car to pass, which escalated into a fatal attack with the accused using the car seat’s headrest to attack the other man. Experts highlighted that tendencies towards instant gratification and decreased patience indirectly fuel aggression, leading individuals to engage in such harmful actions.

Notably, a recent murder case in Dehradun where local resident Deepak Badola was fatally shot during an argument is also being cited as another example of aggression.

Clinical neuropsychologist Dr Sona Kaushal Gupta said that that there has been an increase in anger and aggression among the people over time. She pointed out that people nowadays seek instant gratification and struggle with lack of patience. She highlighted that factors like the influence of social media, sleep deprivation, sedentary lifestyle and poor coping skills contribute to the prevalence of anger and aggression. The lack of coping skills often leads individuals to react impulsively instead of responding thoughtfully, which can result in aggressive behavior and unpleasant actions. She further noted that alcohol consumption also intensifies aggression by dulling people’s senses and judgment. To address these issues, she recommended techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, self-control and acceptance to manage anger and aggression effectively.

Further, clinical psychologist Dr Pratibha Shrama said, “Various factors such as an improper routine schedule, the impact of social media and a lack of life goals have led people towards aggressive behaviour. As a result, minor issues or communication can trigger individuals and lead to anger, sometimes resulting in drastic actions. It has been observed that people’s egos have been on the rise nowadays while their patience levels have decreased. To prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future, individuals need to focus on self-improvement. They should be self-aware of what is right and wrong and cultivate a close friendship where they can discuss negative behaviours.” 

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