Situation affected by complacency one year after Janata Curfew

Monday marked one year of the voluntary Janata Curfew observed to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the nation. On this day, this correspondent interacted with various members of the public to know their views and the status of the pandemic in the state.

“Just a year ago people were scared of this new type of contagious and deadly virus but now most of them have lost this fear and have stopped adhering to the precautions. This is the reason why there is a second wave in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Punjab. However, vaccination is available and we are also well aware of the precautions but why we can’t follow them is the biggest question. I am a student and what I see students wearing masks only outside the institutions but once they enter then there is no mask or social distancing. I think youngsters should be the ones getting vaccinated as I see more danger among them. Elders are staying at home but youngsters are one attending social gatherings which is more dangerous,” said Deepak Bisht.

Photographer Prashant Uniyal said, “Some learned new skills during the lockdown while some got depression so, basically the pandemic was a disaster for some and a chance for self-discovery for others. Now people have started working and have accepted the virus as a part of their life. But the worst part is happening now when people have given up face masks at a time when the second wave is emerging. We need to remember that Covid is not over yet,” he added.

Doctor Aparna Barthwal said, “All the efforts of health workers appear to have been diluted as I believe now people have become so complacent because of the vaccine that no one bothers to wear a mask or follow social distancing in public. They don’t realise that only some are being vaccinated not all. All this unawareness and carelessness is the reason why we are witnessing the second wave and are still vulnerable to this even after a year. We need to take lessons for our future and be more responsible citizens,” she added.

Tuesday, 23 March 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

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