Thursday, 10 May 2018 | PNS | Dehradun– Parts of the Jaunsar-Bhabar region would be developed as part of the Mahabharat tourism circuit, said the State Tourism and Culture minister Satpal Maharaj. He was speaking at the inauguration of infrastructure facilities developed at Mahasu Devta temple and the tourist guest house at Hanol on Wednesday. The Minister also inaugurated infrastructural facilities at Hanol as part of the Yamuna tourist circuit under the infrastructure development and investment programme for tourism funded by the Asian Development Bank. Addressing the gathering on the occasion, Maharaj said that Uttarakhand was the land of deities and braves with immense scope for tourism to capitalise on which the Government is drafting concrete plans. Important sites in Jaunsar-Bhabar area dating back to the Mahabharat-era including the Mahasu temple, Lakhamandal Shiva temple and other significant and picturesque sites will be developed as part of the Mahabharat tourism circuit. The Central Government has also accorded its approval in principle for this purpose, he said. Additionally, considering the scope for river rafting on the Tons river, adventure tourism will also be encouraged in the area, added the minister.

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