Friday, 27 July 2018 | PNS | Dehradun– Archana Bhatt, sister of Ashish Bhatt, a 27-year-old youth, who was found dead under mysterious circumstances on the railway tracks on February 5, alleged that bent on letting off those suspected to be involved in the death, the police department is now trying to make the case look like one of suicide. It was a clear case of premeditated murder, she affirmed. She, further, stated that the police  department was doing nothing to investigate the case properly. “My efforts to speed up the probe are proving futile,” she lamented. She reiterated her doubt that her brother was murdered by some of his neighbours. Talking to the media persons here on Thursday,  Bhatt said, “The body of my brother was found on the railway tracks at Harawala. The body was left intact. The body had, however, marks of injuries and the doctors as well as the post-mortem report were emphatic that such injuries could not have been caused by a train accident. As per the railway rules, if an accident happens on the tracks the railway department files a case. But nothing was done, something which clearly means that it was not a case of suicide or accident.” She, further, said that it had taken 70 days for an FIR to be filed on the matter. “The case was reported after I met the DGP and others. Even after this, no positive investigation has been done to hook the accused. Months passed and I myself collected evidences from the railway department, CCTV footages, and facebook accounts of my brother which clearly indicates that some people were  involved in his death. Even after I submitted all the evidences collected to the police department things are not moving.” Pointing fingers at the police department, she said that  she was convinced that a section of the department is engaged in protecting those who might be involved in her brother’s death. “I demand the case be handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to ensure a proper investigation,” Bhatt said.

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