Thursday, 22 February 2018 | PNS | Haridwar- The Matri Sadan founder Swami Shivanand has announced to shift the venue of his ‘crusade’ for saving Ganga from the clutches of the mining mafias from the holy city Haridwar to the national capital Delhi. Determined on his Delhi mission, the seer who has been fighting with the Haridwar administration and the State Government for a long time on the emotive issue has requested the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to select for  him a site where he can embark on his new phase of what he terms ‘Tapasya’ for Ganga. He also warned that if the Delhi Government fails to fall in line within a week he would launch his ‘crusade’ on his own. Speaking to The Pioneer, Swami Shivanand said on Wednesday that he is all set to start his fight for the Ganga from Delhi. “I have written to the commissioner Delhi to provide me with a land and security for the purpose in a week. If they fail Matri Sadan would begin the stir at a place of its choice,” he said, adding that the letter has been forwarded to the Delhi Chief Minister as well. Quizzed over why he has selected the national capital for his stir, the seer said that Haridwar is now under the rule of the mafias. “This is the first time when the administration sent no official to me when I was on the fast. The Union Ministry of environment and forest is yet to send report on the matter though the deadline expired long back. Taking advantage of the laidback attitude of the Government both at the Centre and in the State, illegal mining is going on in full swing here. Hence, we have decided to shift our stir to the country’s capital. It would take our message across the country and the cause for the sacred river would receive empathy   from the nation,” he said.

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