Send only high quality projects for NABARD funding: CS to depts

Thursday, 13 June 2024 | PNS | DEHRADUN

 Chief secretary Radha Raturi has directed the departments that only high quality and competent projects should be sent to National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) for funding. She said that the departments should set the priority of the projects and should also ensure that there is no duplicity of the funding. The CS chaired the meeting of the high level committee of NABARD at the State secretariat on Wednesday.

In the meeting, Raturi sternly told the Public Works Department (RWD), Irrigation, Animal husbandry, Education, Skill Development and Technical Education departments to send the pending projects worth Rs 383.11 Crore to NABARD within 24 hours. The CS also set a deadline of July 31 to all the departments for dispatching their Detailed Project Reports (DPR) to the Finance department. 

On a stern note, Raturi asked the departments to plan and prepare the budget of their projects in future as per the deadline given by the NABARD. She also instructed the departments to submit their project proposals, withdrawals, project completion certificate (PCC), project completion report (PCR) online. The CS asked the departments to send the PCC and PCR within a week and six months of completion of the project respectively.

 She directed the departments to send the projects of parking, slum redevelopment and urban afforestation under the Urban Infrastructure Development Fund (UIDF) to NABARD on top priority. 

In the meeting Raturi instructed the departments to send 50 percent of the targeted number of projects to the Finance department by 30 June, 60 percent by July 31 and 100 percent by August 15.

On a stern note the CS said that the departments failing to receive their reimbursement on time will have to improve their working style in this regard in future. She also directed the Irrigation department to propose projects for revival and rejuvenation of water sources and rivers to NABARD. She said that maximum utilization of the financial assistance received from NABARD should be ensured in the rural development of the State.

She was informed in the meeting that a total of Rs 360.47 Crore worth of projects have been received by the finance department, which include 10 projects of Rs 77.40 crore from Irrigation department, 89 projects of Rs 193.11 crore from PWD, four projects worth Rs 66.96 crore from Technical Education department, one project of Rs 9.52 crore from Animal Husbandry and five projects worth Rs 13.4811 crore from Rural Construction department.

 Against an approved amount of Rs 904.4 crore in the year 2023-24, the NABARD made a payment of Rs 954.9 crore. 

For the year 2024-25, an approved target of Rs 1,200 crore and a reimbursement target of Rs 969 crore has been set under RIDF. Under RIDF of NABARD irrigation facilities have been created and renovated on 2.05 lakh hectares of land in the state and 14,766 km of rural road network has been constructed and improved. Similarly 27,307 meter length of bridges has been constructed and 23.77 lakh rural population has got drinking water facility. The NABARD has funded construction and renovation of 241 schools and ITIs in the State.

The additional chief secretary Anand Vardhan, Secretary Dilip Jawalkar, Chief General Manager of NABARD and officers of Finance, PWD and Irrigation departments attended the meeting.

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