Tuesday, 20 March 2018 | PNS | Dehradun- The State police have made elaborate security arrangements considering the possibility of a number of organisations thronging Gairsain in Chamoli district on the first day of the Budget Session of the  Vidhan Sabha at Bharadisain near Gairsain on Tuesday. The Garhwal deputy inspector general (DIG) of police Pushpak Jyoti along with Chamoli superintendent of police (SP) Tripti Bhatt and district magistrate Ashish Joshi held a briefing on security arrangements at Gairsain on Monday. During the briefing, the senior officers gave necessary instructions to the various department officers and police deputed on Assembly duty to ensure law and order during the Assembly session. The police officers and personnel were directed to reach their assigned post on time. They should properly check the situation in their surroundings and inform their senior officers on finding anything suspiscious. Bhatt said that about 1500 policemen and policewomen have been deputed for Assembly duty. The police will be posted at various locations from the Adibadri area to Bharadisain. Barricading has been installed at three places between Diwalikhal and Bharadisain. To stop the protesters, barricading has been installed at Malsi and Kunaili. Temporary jail has also been set up at Mehalchauri and Malsi. Police officers have been strictly directed to ensure that no agitators are allowed to break the barricading at any cost. Moreover, to help conduct the Vidhan Sabha session peacefully, the area has been divided into two zones and six sectors with adequate police presence being ensured in all identified locations. According to the police, for the Vidhan Sabha session at Gairsain, five additional superintendents of police, seven deputy superintendents of police, 24 inspectors/police station in-charge, 80 sub-inspectors, 15 women sub-inspectors, 60 head constables, 390 constables, 40 women constables, four companies of Provincial Armed Constabulary, one quick response team, two anti- terrorist squads, State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) team, Nirbhik police unit of Chamoli and sufficient numbers of traffic police have been deployed. In addition to this 85 officers and personnel of the Local Intelligence Unit (LIU) and fire service with necessary equipment have also been deployed in Bharadisain. Traffic police have also been deployed at various sites to regulate the traffic flow. In addition to this, security at the Gauchar airstrip has also been stepped up with the deployment of additional forces as dignitaries and senior officials will be using this facility and travel to Gairsain by road from here.

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