SCPCR to act against private schools humiliating students

Monday, 13 MAY 2024 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The chairperson of the State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR) Geeta Khanna stated that the commission will take strict action against private schools that humiliate students for non-payment of fees. She said this in response to a recent incident wherein a parent in Dehradun reported a private school for humiliating their child over unpaid tuition fees. A parent submitted a formal complaint to the chief education officer and SCPCR recently, urging them to take strict action against the school.

Khanna emphasised that any form of student humiliation is unacceptable and that no school is allowed to engage in such actions to seek fees. In response to the incident, the SCPCR issued a notice to the school, requesting its presence before the commission along with all relevant documentation. She further said that no one has the right to humiliate students because students have the right to education and parents are responsible for paying the fees. The school is allowed to send a warning letter to parents regarding fees but should not punish the students for this. She said that if parents do not pay the fees even after receiving a warning, the school can file a case in the civil court for non-payment of fees. She stressed that if any school is found to be humiliating children for not paying school fees, the commission will take strict action against them.

The head of the Principals Progressive Schools’ Association of Uttarakhand Prem Kashyap asserted that a private school does not receive financial assistance from the government, therefore it has to cover all school expenses on its own. These expenses encompass infrastructure upgrades, teacher salaries and various other costs, all of which are funded by the fees paid by parents for their children’s education. He emphasised the importance of timely fee payment, stating that it is crucial for the school management’s continued operation. He condemned any instances of student humiliation due to unpaid fees, attributing the responsibility to the parents. Instead of resorting to humiliation, Kashyap suggested that the school should notify parents by letter that failure to pay fees will result in their child’s dismissal from school.

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