SCPCR seeks clarification from father on delayed complaint against child sexual abuse

After a resident of Haridwar recently sent a complaint letter to the State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR) about the sexual assault against his one year old daughter on February 24, 2018, the commission asked the father to clarify the reason for the three-year delay in communicating the complaint.

According to the chairperson of the commission, Usha Negi, the father recently wrote to the commission stating that one of his acquaintances came to his home drunk on February 24, 2018 and asked him to bring some medicine from a nearby chemist shop as he was not feeling well. When the father returned, he saw that the accused man was trying to sexually assault his daughter but he ran away when the father shouted at him, as per the complainant’s letter. Negi said that hiding any sexual assault against a child is an offence under POCSO Act 2012 and the father had concealed this hideous act for around three years.

According to Negi, the commission has asked the father to provide his clarification on the matter within 15 days and only after that any action will be taken by the commission.

Tuesday, 16 February 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

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