SCPCR directs Edu dept to ensure pvt schools admit all students in class XI

Thursday, 11 JULY 2024 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR) directed the Education department to ensure that private schools admit students into class XI regardless of their performance in the board examination.

Informing this, the SCPCR chairperson, Geeta Khanna said that the commission has received numerous complaints from parents regarding some private schools in Dehradun refusing to enrol students in class XI due to their lower marks. “But let me make it clear that a student’s performance in a private school should not hinder his or her admission into class XI or their freedom to choose their preferred subjects,” she said, adding that  such schools do not have the authority to deny students the opportunity to continue their education or select specific subjects.

Khanna further stated that she has recently instructed the Education department to issue guidelines to all private schools regarding the continuing practice of denying admission to their own students in class XI due to lower marks. “The Education department must not only issue the guidelines but also ensure their enforcement in private schools. If any school is found disregarding the guidelines, strict action will be taken by the commission against that errant school,” she added.

Queried on the admission fees for class XI after passing the board examination, Khanna said that many parents have flagged concerns about some private schools in Dehradun fleecing them by charging readmission fees for class XI. “They argue that demanding readmission fees for class XI from students who have been studying in the school since primary classes is unjust. Taking their concerns into consideration, I have asked the lined authorities to seek clarification on the legality of charging readmission fees. Upon receiving approval from the authorities, appropriate actions will be taken on this matter,” Khanna said.

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