Many of the schools located in areas like Jagjeetpur, Misserpur, Pherupur, and Dhanpura around Laksar Road remain open despite the District Education Department’s declaration of winter vacation from January 1 to 14. The dense fog engulfing the district warranted the department’s decision, a move that made the parents of the children studying in schools happy. However, managements of many of the schools are keeping schools open in defiance of the order as a result of which the children are being taken to the schools by their parents  in the misty morning hours amidst the cold and the fog. “This is insensitive on the part of the school managements. We appealed to them to keep the schools closed in conformity with the District Education Department’s announcement, but to no avail,” said one of the aggrieved parents on Thursday. Mukul Saini, father of a child studying in a school  in Jagjeetpur, said that they had approached the principal of the school  on the matter. “But he said that the curriculum cannot be covered in case classes are interrupted this way through vacations. We are helpless,” he said. Another resident  of the same area Shiv Kumar said that his son had taken ill when he was returning  from  his school a few days ago. “I then approached the headmistress of the school and asked her to have the school closed for some days as part of winter vacation. She assured me she would take up the matter with the school’s management. I hope a decision would be taken in a day or two that would spare our children the ordeal of braving the mist and cold every morning to reach schools,” he added. Friday, 05 January 2018 | PNS | Haridwar

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