Thursday, 26 July 2018 | PNS | Haridwar– Since he came back to Matri Sadan ashram on the night of July 23, Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand has been carrying on with his fast for Ganga. It has entered its 35th day on Wednesday. The saint reiterated his resolve to leave his body through fasting for the cause of the Mother Ganga. Notably, the former IITian- turned-ascetic had been forcefully lifted from Matri Sadan on July 10 by a team of administrative officers led by SDM Manish Kumar and admitted at AIIMS Rishikesh as the condition of his health was deteriorating thanks to his long-continuing fast. Speaking to The Pioneer on Wednesday, Sanand said, “The Centre has turned stubborn and anti-religious too. It is thus taking no step to have the hydro power projects running on Ganga scrapped. The growing apathy of the Centre towards the holy river warrants big sacrifices. They alone can force the Centre to take note of the nation’s agony over the plight of the revered river.” The demands the saint has been raising since he embarked on the fast include immediate passage in Parliament of a special legislation for Ganga, as proposed by the Ganga Mahasabha. His view on the matter is that in case of non –viability of immediate passing of the bill, the Government should promulgate an ordinance to give effect to the proposed legislation. Besides, he is demanding checks being imposed on illegal mining of sand and sandstones from Ganga and immediate halt to the hydro power projects and construction works going along Alaknanda, Mandakini, Pinder, Dhauliganga, Bhagirathi and Nandakini rivers. He further says that the Chief engineers and other officials manning the Ganga board have no devotion for Ganga. He demands those committed to the cause of Ganga be entrusted with the responsibility of running the board.

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