Samples collected to check quality & safety of pulses

Friday, 06 August 2022 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The Food Safety department conducted a sampling drive in Dehradun and Pachwa Doon areas in view of the festive season. The district food safety officer of Dehradun, PC Joshi informed that Food Safety Standards Authority of India had undertaken a sampling drive in 250 cities across India on Friday to check the quality and safety of pulses. The district food safety authority team in Dehradun conducted sampling in the markets of Dehradun and Pachwa Doon. Twenty samples of local and all-India brands were collected by the team.

According to the officials, about 90 per cent of the pulses in Dehradun’s markets are supplied from Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan while less than 10 per cent is locally produced and supplied. All variants of the pulses’ samples collected will be checked on all parameters under the food safety standards regulation. Among the safety parameters, heavy metals, aflatoxin contaminants, pesticides and adulteration will also be checked. The report of the sample tests will be uploaded within six weeks on the portal of the Food Safety Standards Authority of India. The campaign is expected to ascertain pulse adulteration hotspot. Along with Joshi, the sampling team also comprised senior food safety officer of Vikasnagar Manju Rawat and senior food safety officer of Municipal Corporation of Dehradun Ramesh Singh and Satish Purohit among others. 

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