Saif feels happy when Kareena calls him ‘beautiful’

Saif Ali Khan says he feels very happy when his actor-wife Kareena Kapoor calls him ‘beautiful’.

Kareena recently said, that both Saif and his daughter Sara Ali Khan, who appeared together on a chat show “Koffee with Karan“, are a deadly combination of beauty and brains. When asked about the same, Saif, told reporters here Wednesday night, “I feel very happy whenever she calls me beautiful.” Kareena is making her debut as a radio show presenter and has launched the show called ‘What Women Want’. “She is excited. They (makers) come home to discuss issues and scripts. I saw a little bit of it yesterday and it looks like she is enjoying it,” Saif said. When asked if he knows, ‘what women want’, Saif said, “We all try to figure that out. Sometimes they just want us to listen.” When prodded further about what Kareena wants, Saif said, “I guess many things. Maybe (some) nice emotional things. (But) Time is the main thing.” The actor was talking at the success party of his latest film “Bazaar”. read more posts… News Credit:  PTI | Mumbai

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