RTO to open today, 10,000 applications of driving license pending

Friday, 25 June 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

The regional transport office (RTO) of Dehradun has decided to approve the new applications of driving license only after clearing the backlog of about 10,000 applications. The RTO is all set to open on Friday for the general public after being closed for about two months.

As informed by the regional transport officer (administration) Dinesh Pathoi, only 25 slots will be approved for each section of work like the renewal of vehicle permits, vehicle fitness and driving license. However, no new slots will be approved for new learner’s license (LL) and permanent driving license (DL) as according to officials, there are already about 10,000 pending applications for driving license. Those, who had applied earlier for LL and DL but could not give the driving test due to Covid-curfew will have to book their slots again online. Officials informed that people can visit the website http://appointment.rtodoon.in to book the slots and reserve the timing to visit the RTO.

According to the assistant regional transport officer, Dwarika Prasad, RTO launched this website specifically to limit the number of visitors in the RTO premises as a precautionary measure against Covid-19. He also informed that this website will not approve more than 25 slots in a day for each kind of work in RTO. People will also have to book a timing slot for the work associated with vehicle permits and taxes on the same website which is limited to only 25 slots per day for each work. Also, the RTO will not approve any slots for Saturday and Sunday every week till further orders. On being asked about when the new applicants can apply for LL and DL, Prasad said that there is already a backlog of 10,000 applications which may take about three months to clear so it would probably be after this period or when the load will start decreasing. Meanwhile, it will be mandatory for everyone to wear masks properly and maintain social distancing in the RTO premises and only those who have booked slots will be allowed in the premises, stated officials.

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