RTO considers limiting daily slots for driving licence registration

Friday, 16 April 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

Considering the recent surge in the Covid-19 positive cases, the regional transport office (RTO) of Dehradun is planning to limit the daily slots for the registrations of driving licence. The transport office increased the number of the daily slots for the registration of the learner’s licence up to 125 slots in March which was only 90 slots per day till February.

The RTO has even started issuing about 175 slots for the registration of the permanent driving license every day since the last month as opposed to 160 slots before the lockdown last year, as per the officials. However, in order to ensure that Covid-19 norms are being followed in the premises of the transport office, the officials are now considering decreasing the number of slots for the driving license. The officials stated that hundreds of people visit the premises of the transport office in Rajpur on daily basis and to restrict the risk of contagion there, RTO is initially considering limiting the daily slots for the registration of learner’s licence only.

According to the assistant regional transport officer (ARTO), Dwarika Prasad, the transport office is only thinking about the possibility of limiting the number of slots amid the covid scare but nothing has been finalised yet. He said that the officials would take this decision after analysing the situation by the end of this week.

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