Routes to remain diverted three hours prior to Road Safety World Series cricket matches

Wednesday, 21 September 2022 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Several routes will be diverted three hours prior to the scheduled timings of the cricket matches to be played under Road Safety World Series from Wednesday for the next five days. The police have also planned parking of vehicles arriving at Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium from different routes. The police have stated that all vehicles parked on roads that cause traffic congestion will be towed too.

The police informed that the vehicles of only those people will be allowed to enter from Thano Road who will be able to show the tickets for the matches to the police and the others will be diverted to Doiwala. The vehicles of people with no tickets for the matches will not be allowed to enter from Maldevta too and will be diverted to Krishali Chowk from Kaale Gaon turn. One of the three main routes to reach the stadium will be from Sahastradhara Crossing to Shiv Mandir via Raipur Bazaar to Maharana Pratap Chowk after which the vehicles must be parked at gate number 3 of the stadium parking. The other two routes to the stadium are from Chhe Number Puliya to Kidduwala and from Ring Road to IT Park to Kaale Gaon via Maldevta Road to Maharana Pratap Chowk after which the vehicles must be parked at gate number 3.

There will be seven barrier points which are Chhe Number Puliya, Shiv Mandir trisection, Maharana Pratap Chowk, Maldevta Road, Ordnance Factory Ground intersection, Thano Chowk and Kaale Gaon intersection. The police informed that parking of four wheelers has been arranged away from the stadium while the parking of two wheelers has been arranged near the stadium. They have asked the people to choose the vehicles to drive to the stadium accordingly to avoid inconvenience. They also appealed to the public to share vehicles to reach the destination to avoid traffic issues on these five days ahead of the matches. The police said that the mediapersons and VIP pass holders will enter from gate number 1, VVIP players and officers will enter from gate number 2 and others will be allowed to enter from gate number 3. The vehicles of mediapersons, officers and pass holders will be parked inside the parking of the Maharana Pratap Sports College.

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