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Road to Indo-China border still blocked

There has been somed drop in the intensity of rain but the difficulties in the border areas have remained largely unchanged. Eleven roads in Pithoragarh district are closed to traffic. The Tawaghat-Sobla-Tidang road leading to the border with China is closed. While the Khumti village in Dharchula is isolated, the power line is reported to be on the verge of collapse in Talalek Tok part of the village.

Twelve roads have been reopened for traffic due to break in the rains during the past couple of days though 11 roads are still closed. The Tawaghat-Sobla-Tidang road connecting the villages along the border with China is also closed for more than a month now. Due to the closure of the route, the high altitude Himalayan villages including Tawaghat to Talla Darma’s Garguwa, Khet, Chirkila, Jammu, Sobla, New, Suva, Watan, Umchia, Sumdung, Dar, Bougling, Sela, Chal, Nagling and Chaudas’s Pangu, Himkhola and other villages including Tantagaon Rauto, Chalmachhilas, Sosa, Himkhola, Narayan Ashram, Sirkha are cut off.

It has also become difficult to reach these villages on foot. The supply of essential goods and food grains to the villages remains difficult. Former District Panchayat member Aan Singh Rokaya and Congress block president Narayan Singh Dariyal have expressed dissatisfaction over delay in reopening the road. Villagers say that if the road is not opened soon, the situation in this area is going to get worse.

Saturday, 07 August 2021 | PNS | Pithoragarh

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