Religious leaders urge Prez over Ram Mandir

The Centre must act by December 6 or else face unrest

Raising the pitch for the construction of the Ram Temple at Ayodhya, the religious fraternity has demanded the President to issue a directive to the Centre to clear decks for the long-awaited construction. Assembling at Shyampur Gajiwali village on Monday, they declared that they would not wait any longer on the matter.   A number of ascetics from across the country congregated in Haridwar to deliberate on the temple issue and also to step up pressure on the Centre to take the eagerly awaited initiative in the direction of the temple construction. They said in unison that the long-continuing tangle must be resolved once and for all by initiating the construction. ‘Jagadguru Shankaracharya’ Rajrajeshwarashram and Mahamandaleshwar Kailashanand Brahmchari took the BJP-helmed government to task for dithering on the matter. They warned that if things are delayed further there would be unrest. In a stern note, Shankaracharya Rajrajeshwarashram said that if the government does not announce the construction of the temple by December 6 the saints from across the country would reach Ayodhya. A unanimous resolution pressuring for the construction of the temple was passed during the Gajwali Sangh Sammelan. Observers say that the fact that the ascetics considered close to the saffron camp now mounting pressure on the Centre is interesting. “Upping the ante, they are now saying that the government left just with six more months, they must act now without further dithering. It seems this is part of a saffron strategy to keep things on the boil so as to enable the Centre to do something which would be milked as the principal election plank by the saffron camp for the upcoming Lok Sabha hustings,” said an observer. Kailashanand Brahmchari of Kali Dakshin Temple said that those present at the congregation suggested taking the matter to the President. “The President must issue a directive to the Centre to nudge it off its passivity on the issue related to the collective sentiment of the people. The people doubt whether the temple would ever come up if it does not come up now,” he said. He further said that the Centre should not wait till 2019 and must act now. If they do not act now they would face debacle during the  2019 poll, he warned. read more posts… Tuesday, 20 November 2018 | PNS | Haridwar–

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