RDMC submits recommendations for rural development in Pauri

Report analyses needs recommend sectoral measures

The Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat released a report prepared by the Rural Development and Migration Commission (RDMC) containing recommendations for strengthening the socio-economic development in rural areas of Pauri district to mitigate migration. Rawat pointed out that steps needed to stop the migration and ensure development in the district are analyzed in the recommendation report. The RDMC will not conduct a similar study in Almora and then in other districts. At the same time, the State Government will work on the action plan for development in the affected districts with joint efforts of all departments related to rural development. The RDMC vice chairman Sharad Singh Negi informed that of the 15 development blocks in Pauri district, there is a negative growth rate in the last decade (census 2011) in 12 development blocks. Even though the district accounts for 10.17 per cent of the total geographical area of the state and is the fifth most populated district, it accounts for only 4.23 per cent of the state’s GDP. Data shows that there has been a significant migration from rural areas of the district. Out migration has taken place in 1025 out of a total of 1212 Gram Panchayats (2017-18). About 52 percent of the migration has mainly taken place due to livelihood/employment opportunities. The report recommends the preparation and implementation of  specific strategies for boosting economic growth at the village level as this will generate additional income for the residents. A vibrant economy at the level of villages or cluster of villages will act as a nucleus for socio-economic growth in the rural areas. There needs to be focus on unique strengths of each area rather than trying to ameliorate generic weaknesses. The RDMC also recommends giving impetus to both agricultural and non-agricultural incomes as income from service sector has increased in comparison to income from traditional and non-traditional agriculture. Based on advice of experts, different linear departments and local residents, plans may be prepared for clusters of villages that have similar conditions. Further, water scarcity, roads, quality education and health care are some of the basic facilities which need to be addressed in the villages of the district. The changing climate also needs to be addressed as it has emerged as a major factor of concern, particularly in Pauri district where a considerable part of the rural areas are located in the sub-tropical region. Agrarian economy will be the worst affected by climate change. The staff of all the linear departments needs to be re-oriented, motivated and trained so that they can facilitate focused socio-economic development of the rural areas which are affected by migration. For the next five to ten years the focus of such departments should be to boost the rural economy in various parts of the district. The report further recommends skill development, focus on the role of women and district policy. The RDMC report also makes sectoral recommendations for rural development, agriculture, fruit cultivation, animal husbandry, micro, small and medium industries, and tourism. Read more posts… Saturday, 08 December 2018 | PNS | Dehradun

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