Ramdev warns of unrest if Ram Temple is not built through a bill

I will not campaign for 2019 LS polls: Ramdev

After casting his vote for the urban local body election at Mahila Vidyalaya in Kankhal on Sunday, Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev made a passionate pitch for the Ram Temple and said that the way for the long-awaited construction of the temple must be paved through the Parliament and not through the court. There would be unrest if the construction of the temple at the disputed site at Ayodhya is delayed further, he warned.   In another important statement,  he said that he would not canvass for any party during the 2019 general election.  a stance that might send the BJP on edge.

Earlier, accompanied by Acharya Balkrishna, Swami Ramdev cast his vote at the booth set up at Mahila Vidyalaya in Kankhal. Speaking to the media persons after casting vote, he said that the people must exercise their franchise to strengthen the system of participatory democracy. “We cannot afford to shun election as only through election we can have the weakness of the system eradicated. I cast a vote today to strengthen the democratic system of governance. Everybody should do the same, for it is the only means left to us to make the system robust and responsive” he said. Quizzed over his expected role during the 2019 general election, Swami Ramdev said that he would not align himself with any of the parties in the fray. “I would remain impartial during the upcoming general election. I would not plunge into the heat of the campaigning,” he averred.

Speaking of the emotive Ram Temple issue, he said that the means of dialogue having failed to thaw the ice, the only option left is to go for the enactment of a law to clear decks for the construction of the long-awaited temple.

Defending his stance on the Ram Mandir issue, the Yoga Guru said that it is not a political issue. “Things should not be muddled with politics. This is a collective demand of the people related to their self-esteem. This is a matter of national pride and there is no room for compromise,” he said.

He said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a paramount role to play on the matter. “He must bring about a bill to clear decks for the temple construction. All other options, including inter-faith dialogue and settlement through court, have been closed. Now there is just one way left and it is exploring the option of bringing about a bill and appropriately acting on it,” he added. read more posts…

Monday, 19 November 2018 | PNS | Haridwar–

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