Rajya Laxmi  bets big on Modi guarantee in rural Tehri

Monday, 15 APRIL 2024 | PNS | TEHRI

In latest news from Uttarakhand, while continuing with her campaigning whirlwind through a number of villages like   Suwakholi, Bhanswadi and Sabli, the BJP candidate for the Tehi constituency Mala Rajya Laxmi Shah, who is also the incumbent MP, betted heavily on the image of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the leader who delivers on his pledges.  Hailing the 10-year-tenure of Modi as PM, she said that it has developmentally transformed a large swathe of Uttarakhand and even the rural areas have seen massive development in the form of roads and expansion of mobile network.

“Numerous villages which are parts of the Tehri constituency are now connected by roads thanks to the Modi government’s development initiatives. Besides, the multiple welfare schemes rolled out by the Centre and the State government are benefitting the people in Uttarakhand immensely,” she said, adding that Modi never backs down from the promises he makes to the people, election or no election.              

The BJP media in-charge for the Tehri Lok Sabha  
Pradeep Kumar said that   the party’s candidate looked moved with the people’s overwhelming trust in the Modi’s guarantee.  

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