Tuesday, 09 January 2018 | PNS | Haridwar- The tourist season has started well in Uttarakhand as Rajaji National Park and the Tiger Reserve has been recording increased footfalls in the first week of the new year, bringing in its wake substantial revenue for the state’s exchequer. Nearly 1400 tourists are said to have flocked to Rajaji Tiger Reserve in a few days since the new year was ushered in.  The wildlife lovers fetched revenue of over Rs  3.5 lakh to the Park authorities. A tourist Anuja Jain from Mumbai said, “Our visit to Rajaji turned out to be a real adventure. My daughter learnt new ways of handling emergency when the fuel in the safari gypsy finished when we happened to be  in the thick of the jungle. She was happy having spotted sambhar, deer, cheetal and elephants. After some time, a rope and a jeep was brought to our rescue. It was learning of disaster management along with wild life watching.” It was fun for some other tourists who were happy to see just pugmarks of the big cats. “We went on and on in search of the big cats. But it was not rewarded with the sight of even a leopard, let alone a tiger. However, we are happy to visit the places frequented by the big cats. It was indeed thrilling as the jungle ambience was eerie. Besides, we heard some sambars letting out a warning cry, something which indicates the nearness of their predators, big cats. The foresters too said that a tiger must have preyed upon a samabr somewhere deep into the forest. What more can we expect?” said another tourist from Haryana. Rajaji Tiger Reserve was opened on 15 November last for the tourists. The elephants and the tigers are what draw the tourists, in particular, to the famed park. The tourists are coming in their droves nowadays while braving the chilling cold. The foresters said that the number of the footballs were not much till mid-December. However, things looked up when the year was ending. Till January 3, all the guest houses in the Chilla range of Rajaji National Park and Tiger Reserve were packed to capacity. As per the park authorities, from 31 December to 6 January, 1387 tourists, including 55 foreigners, have come to savour the wildlife. Wild life warden of Rajaji Park and the Tiger Reserve Komal Singh confirmed that a revenue to the tune of Rs  3.38 lakh has got into the kitty of the park in few days since the new year came.

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