Raipur shooting- Badola’s wife accuses police of negligence in searching for him

Wednesday, 19 June 2024 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The wife of Deepak Badola who was killed in the shootout at Dobhal Chowk in the Nehrugram area late on Sunday, has claimed that her husband would have survived if the police had searched efficiently for her husband after the incident. She along with several locals sat in protest near Chhe Number Puliya and demanded justice. She has accused the police of being negligent and unsympathetic while conducting a search operation to find her husband after the shooting.

In a video circulating online, the woman claimed that the police were tracking her husband through his mobile phone which was in his pocket at that time. It showed them that he was somewhere within one kilometre range but they did not find his body till the next morning. She said, “The police claimed that they were conducting a search operation but they did not have torches. They were using their mobile phone’s torch to search for my husband. What kind of responsible policing is this? The police could easily track that he was within a one-kilometre range. His body was found lying in the drain near the entry of the area. He must have survived like the other two victims if they had put in sincere effort.” The woman also claimed that when she pleaded with the police officials to look for her husband sincerely, they dismissed her saying he must have fled and would be back. Some officials also asked her family to search for him for themselves, she claimed.

She said that her husband was shot four times and was killed brutally. He probably would have survived if the police had put in enough effort. She said that she wants justice for her husband. Several locals also took to the streets on Tuesday to stage a protest against the murder of Badola. They also blocked roads and caused traffic jams near Chhe Number Puliya to express their anger and disappointment.

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