Rahul insulting nation & State to oppose Modi and BJP: Bhatt

Saturday, 03 June 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Aiming for political gains and under its appeasement policy, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is insulting the nation and the State while leveling allegations at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party. Stating this, the BJP Uttarakhand president Mahendra Bhatt said that the manner in which the Congres in Uttarakhand is attempting to dent the State’s image in India by opposing the government’s efforts related to cultural, spiritual and demographic identity of Uttarakhand, its leader is attempting to dent the nation’s image while on his foreign tour. He strongly condemned Rahul Gandhi’s statements calling the Muslim League secular and describing the minorities in India as insecure. “It is public knowledge that the court followed procedure and punished him on finding him guilty of insulting a whole community but the kind of statements he is making now on foreign soil also amount to contempt for the judicial process. His appeasement agenda is clear when he finds Jinnah’s Muslim League secular while viewing organisations undertaking Sanatan works as communal. The Congress and its leader are jealous of PM Modi’s popularity and the nation’s progress. It is sad that Khalistanis raised slogans at his meet in San Francisco but he did not speak a word against them. In the same meet he leveled false allegations on the democratic, constitutional and judicial process of the nation,” said Bhatt.

He further said that Uttarakhand is a State which considers the nation foremost and that the patriotic people of this State will certainly reply to the statements made by Gandhi in his foreign tour. The State government headed by chief minister Pushkar Singh Dhami is taking various historic and courageous decisions to maintain the cultura, spiritual and demographic identity of Uttarakhand with measures like strong anti-conversion law, work towards Uniform Civil Code and demolition of illegal religious structures encroaching on government land. However, the Congress is pursuing its appeasement policy aimed at a particular community by opposing such works in and outside the State in an attempt to dent Uttarakhand’s image. While the people are satisfied with the efforts of the BJP government, the opposition is spreading false narratives and disinformation to tarnish the State’s image, he said. The opposition leaders will be in a tough situation if they look at the statistics related to gender crime, unemployment and corruption in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Bihar under their governments, Bhatt added.

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