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Rahul Gandhi’s speech full of lies & despair, alleges BJP

Wednesday, 03 JULY 2024 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The Bharatiya Janata Party has termed Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s speech in the Lok Sabha as the leader of opposition as full of lies, despair and lacking facts. His speech insulted the sentiments of 110 crore Hindus and was not worth forgiving. Stating this while addressing the media at the BJP State office here on Tuesday, cabinet minister Prem Chand Agrawal said that having failed thrice despite repeated launchings, Rahul Gandhi proved to be clumsy in his first speech as the leader of opposition. Agrawal said, “His speech was full of lies, despair and factless talk. His conduct during the speech was not in accordance with parliamentary decorum. Based on my experience as the Vidhan Sabha speaker, I felt that he did not utter a word on the President’s address on which the debate was underway. It was most unfortunate that the speech focused mainly on insulting Hindus, calling them violent, resentful and liars while spreading lies on Agniveers, farmers, Ayodhya and microphones. Rahul Gandhi is an expert in lying and then running away but as lies or misinformation cannot be spoken in the parliament, he will have to prove what he said.”

Challenging Rahul Gandhi to speak on the reality, Agrawal said that he remains silent on the incidents in West Bengal, the intentions of Hizb-ut-Tahir in Tamil Nadu and the complaints regarding their partner incident violence in Kerala but insults Hindus every time. “During the term of the Congress government in 2010 the then Home minister P Chidambaram had called Hindus terrorists while in 2013 the then Home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde had also termed Hindus as terrorists. In 2021, Rahul Gandhi had called for expelling Hindutva elements from the nation and now he called all Hindus liars and violent. He lowered and weakened the dignity of the post of the leader of opposition in Lok Sabha. The entire nation is unhappy with his statement,” Agrawal said.

He further alleged that Rahul Gandhi had blatantly lied on various issues including Agniveers, farmers and Ayodhya. When he said that no compensation is provided to martyrs under the Agnipath scheme, the Defence minister Rajnath Singh immediately clarified that Rs one crore ex-gratia is provided for martyrdom under the scheme. “He lied that no compensation had been given for lands acquired in Ayodhya whereas in fact a total sum of Rs 1,253 crore was provided as compensation to 4,215 shopkeepers in Ayodhya. He said that the government had called farmers terrorists but this lie was also exposed when he was asked to give proof of this statement. He lied that the government doesn’t provide MSP to farmers but the Agriculture minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan exposed this lie as the purchase of produce on MSP is continuing,” Agrawal added.

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