Pvt vehicles increasing due to poor public transport

Monday, 15 November 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

Inadequate public transport is leading to the rise in the numbers of two-wheeler vehicles in Uttarakhand exacerbating various issues like traffic congestion, road accidents and vehicular pollution. Due to the poor transport system, people feel compelled to purchase vehicles which cause a hike in their numbers that later leads to the felling of trees in many areas for road widening by the state government. This was opined by the experts on the consistent surge in the number of two-wheeler vehicles in the State due to the poor transport system in the state.

Founder of the Social Development for Communities (SDC) Foundation , Anoop Nautiyal said that 29,68,892 vehicles were registered in the state by March 2020 which included 21,69,955 two-wheeler vehicles and 5,95,244 vehicles like cars or jeeps. “This data was provided by the Directorate of Economics and Statistics of Uttarakhand Planning Department that clearly shows the high percentage of two-wheeler vehicles in the state. It shows how people are pushed towards buying two-wheelers as a conveyance due to inadequate public transport availability across the state. In Dehradun city alone, the number of two-wheelers is most likely more than the total population due to the poor transport system. It is a matter of concern that nothing is being done to improve this deteriorating situation in the state,” stated Nautiyal. He said that lack of proper public transport is also the main cause of road accidents in Chakrata region. He stressed that Uttarakhand needs a modern public transport model to strengthen transport availability and connectivity across the state.

Dehradun based activist Lokesh Ohri stated that poor urban planning is also responsible for the increasing number of two-wheeler vehicles and traffic congestion as there is no safe way on routes for walkers and cyclists. He said that many will use cycles as a transport mode and prefer walking to cover small distances if the roads are made safe for them. “Congested roads and rushing vehicles make a pedestrian and cyclist question his/her safety during rush hours. Many use their vehicles to cover an easily walkable distance due to such apprehensions,” stated Ohri. He said that constructing cycle routes and making streets pedestrian-friendly along with improving public transport will drastically reduce traffic jams, pollution levels besides making the citizens fit.

Meanwhile, the president of Dehradun Mahanagar City Bus Seva Mahasangh, Vijay Vardhan Dandriyal opined that the authorities fail in the execution of the rules that hinders the growth of public transport. He said, “The e-rickshaws were meant to operate in the inner areas of the city but they are running on the main roads against the state government’s order. Vehicles like Vikrams must take passengers from their stands and are not allowed to stop in between the routes as per the rules but they do and cause traffic jams.

Nobody is looking into such situations.  The apathy of the government towards the violation of rules in the transport system is the main reason people refrain from using public transports.”

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