Tuesday, 01 May 2018 | PNS | Dehradun– Active participation and support of the public is essential for effectively enforcing the ban on the use of polythene bags and polystyrene disposables, which cannot be achieved by the Government alone. The Dehradun district magistrate SA Murugesan said this while addressing the gathering at a meet organised on the issue in the city. The meet was attended by members of the public, spiritual leaders and represenatitives of voluntary organisation along with Government officials in support of the prohibition. Stressing on the importance of raising public awareness among locals about the prohibition, the district magistrate exhorted the public to contribute towards effective observance of the prohibition. “It is not possible for the government alone to ensure effective enforcement of the polythene ban for which public awareness and support of the citizens is also of vital importance. This will gradually lead to effective implementation of the polythene ban,” he said. Addressing the gathering, the Dehradun municipal commissioner Vijay Kumar Jogdande spoke of the harmful effects of polythene. He said, “Plastic has 100 more harmful effects on our daily life than its uses.It is very important for us to abstain from using polythene in order to save our environment and health. We are trying to enforce door to door collection of garbage to further improve waste management. We are also planning to operate recycling plants,” he added.

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