Police to act against vloggers uploading videos of stunts with vehicles

Tuesday, 24 January 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Police will take action against those social media vloggers who perform stunts on the roads in violation of traffic rules and upload them on social media platforms. The superintendent of police, traffic, Akshay Konde said that the social media cell of the traffic police has identified 10 such violators across the district that uploaded videos of doing stunts and rash driving in the past one week. He said that all police station in-charges have been directed to take action against such offenders under Section 107/116 of Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC). The SP said that the social media cell of traffic police is keeping a close watch on those who perform such stunts on roads with their bikes and upload them on social media platforms to garner views. Such vloggers do not just violate traffic rules and put their and others lives at risk but also spread a wrong message among youth. He said that the people identified performing such stunts will be asked to maintain peace for next six months under section 107 of CrPC and if they found to be uploading videos of stunts of rash driving during this period, they will be penalised with a fine up to Rs three lakh under section 110 of CrPC. Konde said that the traffic police is also conducting extensive awareness and checking campaigns across the district to raise awareness among youth to not follow such trends of performing stunts on roads that put lives at risk.

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