Police caution against sharing video of old woman diving into Ganga

Wednesday, 29 June 2022 | PNS | Haridwar

The video of an old woman jumping into the Ganga river from a bridge and then swimming ashore in Haridwar is being shared on the social media. The woman is seen jumping from a bridge near Har Ki Paidi into the Ganga in the video. The action of the woman estimated to be aged about 70 years has elicited surprise and other reactions from people who viewed the video clip showing her diving into the river and swimming ashore. However, the police have cautioned the public about the dangers of indulging in such actions. People often lose their life by drowning in the Ganga while undertaking such acts.

It is being said that the elderly woman seen in the video is a resident of Jind in Haryana.  According to sources, the age of the elderly woman is said to be about 70 years. Someone made a video of the lady jumping into the river and swimming ashore. This video has become popular on social media. After the video went viral on social media, Uttarakhand police have appealed to the citizens to refrain from sharing videos of such dangerous actions. Taking to social media the police have appealed to citizens to refrain from such actions.According to the police, watching the actions of the woman jumping into the river and swimming ashore may seem exciting but it is wrong and such actions can also prove fatal at times. Some people may be motivated to ape such actions without thinking of the repercussions. Considering this, the police have appealed to the public to refrain from sharing the video further. 

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