People throng to swimming pools for relief from heat in Doon

Wednesday, 19 JUNE 2024 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Public swimming pools across the city are witnessing increased popularity with citizens seeking respite from the hot weather. Many swimming pool owners have noted a significant increase of around 50 per cent in the number of people utilising their facilities compared to the previous year. In light of this trend, doctors recommend that individuals should take necessary precautions when visiting the swimming pools.

A swimming pool owner Vinod Tyagi said that he has been operating a public swimming pool in Dehradun for the past three years and has observed a growing enthusiasm for swimming among the city’s residents. He highlighted the noticeable rise in demand for swimming pool access this year due to the heat wave conditions.

He further added that residents of Dehradun are currently experiencing up to a two-hour wait to access the swimming pool as a means to seek relief from the heat. In view of the rise in number of visitors, he said that he changed the pool water daily in the mornings.

Another swimming pool manager Reena Verma informed that that the popularity of swimming pools has significantly risen. She noted an increase in the number of visitors compared to past years due to the higher temperatures. Verma stated that people are charged Rs 150 per person for an hour to use the pool. She also pointed out that this year, there has been an approximately 50 per cent increase in the demand for swimming pools to combat the escalating heat.

Other swimming pool owners have also noted a significant increase in the demand for swimming pools among residents seeking relief from the high temperatures in Dehradun.

Skin specialist Dr Anil Arya told this correspondent that there has indeed been a substantial rise in the popularity of swimming pools among the locals. However, he emphasised the importance of taking necessary precautions when visiting these facilities. Arya highlighted that due to the high concentration of individuals in swimming pools, there is a higher risk of infections spreading. He said that fungal and bacterial infections that manifest as red rashes, itching and other allergic reactions in individuals may result from visiting swimming pools. As a precautionary measure, individuals are advised to carefully assess the cleanliness, water change practices and overall hygiene of swimming pools before using them, he added. 

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