Patanjali launches herbal food bar

If you are a working professional always on tours, getting less time for sit-at-ease meals, an herbal nutritional bar comes to your help to provide the necessary nutrition for the day. A sister company of Patanjali Ayurved Ltd located in Patanjali Food and Herbal Park S S Vitran Healthcare has launched  a food bar in the herbal category which is claimed to have ideal combination of fibres, carbohydrates and proteins.

In an exclusive chat with The Pioneer, the managing director  of the Health Care Tech partner of Central Food Technological Research Institute and Defence Food Research Laboratory, S S Vitran Healthcare Pvt Ltd  Vivek Kaul said, “This ready to eat and easy to consume bar provides growth and immunity with herbs as the main source. Besides, it has ideal combination of fibres, carbohydrate and proteins. Sufficient minerals like sodium, potassium and other essential elements from natural and herbal source are also added.” Quizzed over their future plans, Kaul said that their plan for the future is to come out with Protein Bar with Herbs, especially for the sports persons and muscle builders, herbal Chocolate for the children and the sugar- free Bar for the diabetes patients. Also there would be a Diet Bar for obese patients, he added.

Holding the largest share of 60% in Indian snack bar market, the nutrition bar is growing at a faster rate, claimed the officials  of the health care company, now producing for Patanjali Ayurved Ltd run by the yoga guru Swami Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna.

It is further learnt that S SVitran Healthcare Pvt Ltd is for the first time making this food bar in the herbal category. It is a nutritional booster for marketing executives during tours and travels, school going children, office executives staying late in office and lactating women as a supplementary diet. It is again easy to carry and convenient to eat, those associated with the company claimed.

They further said that the company is planning to approach the World Food Programme to introduce this Bar in its fight against hunger and malnutrition, especially as a mid-day meal substitute in the schools. Also, the Bar would be promoted as a nutritional supplement by the defense forces during combat exercise, they added. Read more posts…

PNS/ Haridwar

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