Friday, 16 March 2018 | PNS | Dehradun- Due to the positive response from visitors, a month-long exhibition of paintings by artist Shabnam Anand Singh in Dehradun has been extended till March 20. Titled ‘The Flower Show’ the exhibition of paintings is being held a hotel on Rajpur Road. Favouring the theme of flower she uses water-colour and acrylic as her preferred medium of painting. When asked about her work she expressed her love for flowers and said that she had always admired the scenic beauty of the valley and mountains in and around her hometown of Dehradun. “Flowers have always inspired me to portray the serenity they display. These are the places where I found inspiration to give colours to my thoughts,” she added. The artist added, “I have tried to work on other subjects too, as my clients often ask me to do so. But it doesn’t give me as much pleasure to work on subjects I feel less connected to. However, this never happens when flowers are the subject of my work. My heart lies in the beauty of flowers. Flowers are the most expressive means in any language the world over. They say everything without saying anything, their grace and fragility have always held special appeal for me,”she added. Talking further about the exhibition she said the month-long exhibition which began on February 11 has been a good experience. Considering the positive response received, it has been extended till March 20. An artist and designer practicing since 1978 and currently based in Dehradun, where she grew up, Singh has spent most of her working life in the United Kingdom from where she has exhibited her work in several places from London to New York and Singapore; and the Indian cities of Delhi and Mumbai.

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