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Wednesday, 11 April 2018 | PNS | Dehradun– Death of a woman and confirmation of swine flu in two more patients has jolted the state health department out of slumber.  The department now is in a state of alert on spread of H1 N1 virus. The latest victim, a 42 year old Woman resident of Lakkhibagh area of Dehradun died on April 3 at Mahant Indiresh hospital however due to delay on part of the hospital authorities the death of the patient was reported on April 8.  Two more patients suffering from the disease are undergoing treatment at Mahant Indiresh hospital. What has brought furrow on the foreheads of health authorities is that all three patients have no history of travelling outside which means that they have contracted the virus indegenously. Concerned over unexpected surge in the number Swine flu patients, the Director General (DG) health services, Dr Archana Srivastava took a meeting with senior officials of health department at her office on Tuesday and gave necessary instructions. She said that all the hospitals of the state have sufficient stock of medicine ‘Oseltamivir’ and they are available free of cost. The DG said that the department is providing 75 mg tablet of Oseltamivir for adults and 30 mg tablet for the children to combat the disease. The DG added that the H1 N1 virus has mutated and taken the form of a disease like seasonal influenza. What is Swine Flu? Swine flu is a viral disease, its virus is also called H1 N1 and its genetic analysis has shown that it has originated from the animals specially pigs hence it is called Swine flu. The virus spreads from person to person similar to that of seasonal influenza. Categories of Swine Flu: A- The patients of this category suffer from mild fever and irritation in throat. The patients of this category should be isolated at home and there is no need of swine flu test and medication for the patient. B- The patients are characterized by high fever and the patient need isolation and should be administered Oseltamivir (Tami flu) medicine. C- If a patient is suffering from breathlessness, low Blood Pressure along with symptoms of A and B category than he is put under C Category. Such patients should be isolated, hospitalized, should be administered Tami flu and needed to be tested for swine flu. Precautions to be taken-  1) Cover nose and face with handkerchief while sneezing or coughing and regularly wash hands and face. 2) Drink copious quantity of water and take healthy nutritious food. 3) Should not shake hands and refrain from hugging people. 4) Avoid travelling during illness 5) If the child is suffering from cough or cold do not send him to school. 6) Never take self medication and consult doctor.


The health department has taken a serious note of the delay in reporting of the death of swine flu patient by the authorities of Mahant Indiresh hospital. The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Dehradun has issued a notice to the hospital over reported delay. The death of the female patient occurred on April 3 but the case was reported to the district health department on April 8. It is standard procedure that all hospitals and medical practitioners should compulsorily inform the district health authorities about suspected patients.

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