Tuesday, 29 May 2018 | PNS | Lalkuan– Acting on complaints of illegal mining and illegal stocking at two different enterprises, the district administration and mining department officials raided the Haldwani stone crusher and Askriti stone crusher. The complaint was about a pit being dug and illegal mining being carried out in it at Haldwani stone crusher with the quarried material being placed at Akriti stone crusher. The management of the two stone crushers was fined a total of more than Rs 40 lakh. Further, a stay has been ordered on the operation of Haldwani stone crusher till it deposits the penalty amount charged for exit of quarried materials. On Monday afternoon, the Sub Divisional Magistrate AB Bajpai and deputy director (mining) Rajpal Legha headed a team of the two departments which conducted joint raids at the Haldwani stone crusher in Lalkuan. The departmental team found a pit dug at the stone crusher. This 2498 cubic metre pit was found to be illegal and in violation of the Uttarakhand mining regulations. The department has imposed a penalty of Rs 19.23 lakh on this stone crusher for digging the pit and Rs 2lakh additional penalty totaling to Rs  21.23 lakh. After this, the team raided the Akriti natural stone products at Halduchaud. After taking necessary measurements, the officials found 1916 cubic metres illegal stock of quarried material. Taking joint action, the two departments imposed a penalty of Rs 17.91 lakh and an additional penalty of Rs two lakh totaling to Rs 19.91 lakh. Providing information about the case, the deputy director of mining, Rajpal Legha said acting on a complaint, the departmental teams raided Haldwani stone crusher and found that about 2500 cubic metres had been illegally mined there. A penalty was imposed and additionally the exit of minor minerals from this enterprise was immediately halted. Apart from this about 1900 cubic metres of illegal stock of quarried materials was found at Akriti stone crusher following which penalty was imposed.

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