No mischief in name of new year celebration to be brooked: Haridwar police

Alert in forest area to stop poaching

Haridwar police are on alert to stop mischief during the New Year eve congregations. Police have made it clear that anybody to be caught indulging in drunk or rash driving during the night would land in the police stations where they would be made to spend the night.  Anticipating mischief to be committed by the revelers, Haridwar police have sounded an alert in the whole of the district and warned the people against indulging in any kind of unlawful activity. “We are keeping a hawk-eyed vigil and anyone found creating a ruckus anywhere in the name of celebration would be booked,” said a senior district police officer.

Speaking to The Pioneer, SP City Mamta Vohra said, “We are not stopping the people from celebrating the occasion. They are free to celebrate in the lawful fashion. However, in case anybody is found violating laws like indulging in drunk or rash driving, eve teasing and the like police would instantly swoop down on him and take him to the police station. As far as the parties to be hosted to greet the new year are concerned things must be kept within the permissible limit of the law.  We have deputed traffic police with alcometers on major crossings of the city. They are very alert now. Besides, police personnel in civil clothes have also been deployed at the places where the revellers’ throng.” She further said that they are seeing to it that the music system playing in the new year parties does not cross the High Court-fixed decibel limit.  “As per the order,  one cannot play sound system after 10 pm,” she added.

Alert in Rajaji for wildlife security

In view of the threat of poaching of wild animals increasing on December 31 and the first day of the year in Rajaji Park area, the park authorities have sounded alert in the entire area. Haridwar and Chilla forest range being considered as sensitive areas in terms of poaching or other crimes on the wildlife, a high alert has been sounded and strict vigilance is being kept in these forest ranges by the forest guards, said the senior forest officers.

Subsequently, security has been tightened in the areas surrounding the forest areas and Van Chowkis as well as in the border areas of the state.

Patrolling by forest guards in areas like Haridwar, Chila, Ranipur, Chillawali and Beriwada range of Rajaji Park has been intensified. The director of the park Sanatan Sonekar has directed the range officers to be on vigil for 24 hours.

Sonekar said while talking to The Pioneer that the guards have been asked to go for long-range patrolling in the forest area. “Even clicking off photos and taking selfies has been checked for these two days on Haridwar Rishikesh route cutting through Chilla range. We have taken all possible measures to prevent poaching or any kind of crime against the wild animals during these two days,” Sonekar said. Read more posts…

PNS/ Haridwar

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