Nirmal Akhada ascetics on protest in Haridwar

The expelled Kothari ascetic of Nirmal Panchayati Akhada continued his protest along with his supporters outside the Akhada premises in Kankhal on Sunday. On Saturday, he was refused entry in the ashram premises by the other faction of ascetics who averred that Kothari Gopal Singh was expelled from the Akhada as a disciplinary move according to the norms of the Akhada. Police were deployed outside the Akhada on Sunday. Gopal Singh alleged that he was expelled on wrong grounds by the Akhada head Mahant Gyan Dev Singh. He demanded that he should be given charge for officiating the duties of the treasury of Akhada since he had got stay from the high court. “We are not given security by the Akhada and forced to lead the life of a wanderer which cannot be accepted. This is our akhada and we shall proclaim it.” He further alleged that by orchestrating a conspiracy, the Sri Mahant had expelled him and appointed another Kothari. Meanwhile, addressing a press conference, the head of Nirmal Panchayati Akhada, Mahant Gyandev Singh said that Gopal Singh and his supporters were trying to spoil the atmosphere. The petition filed on October 12, 2017, was still awaiting judgment. This agitation is only to create disturbance in Akhada activities. “The wires of CCTV cameras were broken by these miscreants”, alleged Gyan Dev. It is pertinent to mention here that despite the intervention of the apex religious body -Akhil Bharatiya Akhada Parishad in the long-held dispute over property issues among the two factions of Sri Panchayati Nirmal Akhada, the dispute could not be unsettled. Earlier also, police force and PAC personnel had to be deployed following the dispute which arose after one faction of Nirmal akhada members went to install closed circuit television cameras at Nirmala Chawani and the other faction opposed the action. The battle of these ascetics revolves around the positions and property rights of the akhada between Akhada president Gyan Dev Singh and secretary Baldev Singh. Both the ascetic groups accuse each other for misusing the Akhada’s land for their own benefits. The matter had surfaced when Mahant Gyan Dev had removed Baldev Singh and challenged the decision in the high court taking stay order from the court. It was alleged that Akhada’s land was given to the builders for making flats to sell without giving any information by Singh. Read more posts… Monday, 17 December 2018 | PNS | Haridwar

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