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Thursday, 22 February 2018 | PNS | Haridwar-
Facing flak after a seer from Haridwar died in a road accident on a particular stretch of National Highway where the  road broadening work has been going on for years, a senior officer of the National Highway Authority of India assured that the work still left incomplete would be completed in a few months. However, in the same breath, he said that ascribing accidents just to the incomplete work being carried on by NHAI is too simplistic. Meanwhile, SP traffic Manjunath TC along with other senior officials inspected Gurukul Narsen to Raiwala stretch of the National Highway where the road broadening work is going on allegedly at snail’s pace on Wednesday. He said after the inspection that the traffic would be streamlined soon to end the traffic chaos. He further affirmed that they would ensure that the work going along the important stretch of the  National Highway is completed well before the char dham pilgrimage  starts.
SP traffic said, “While the flyover of Singh Dwar would  be thrown open for traffic in a month  traffic would resume on at least half of the  flyover near Patanjali Yog Peeth in another fortnight. We are taking all steps to ensure that all the pending works are completed much before the char dham pilgrimage starts. Unless things are completed by then it would land both the pilgrims and the commuters in great trouble as the traffic movement would gain significant momentum once the season of pilgrimage starts,” SP Traffic said.
While affirming that NHAI is fully alive to the gravity of things, General Manager NHAI D C Mandulia said that they are determined to complete the road broadening work involving a stretch of the National Highway in a few months.  “After the toll tax  is introduced  other construction works going on the highway would be completed in a space of nine months,” he said. Quizzed over accidents happening thick and fast along the NH stretch where the broadening work has been going on, Mandulia said, “There were other reasons behind the accidents that happened on the highway. It is too simplistic to attribute all such mishaps to the incomplete road broadening works.”

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