Thursday, 18 January 2018 | PNS | Dehradun- Success stories should be brought to the fore for enhancing income in agriculture, horticulture and pilgrimage. The State Tourism, Culture and Watershed Management Minister Satpal Maharaj said this while speaking at a workshop held on mitigating migration in the State on Wednesday. Speaking on the occasion, the Minister also stressed on the need for change in work culture. There is need for facilitating development with the help of community effort. Farmers will be provided marketing facility for doubling their income. An organic produce act will also be brought in the state, said Maharaj, while adding that developing Uttarakhand as an organic state will also help in doubling the income of farmers. It was stated in the workshop that as part of efforts aimed at mitigating migration, there was increase in production of cauliflower and tomato in clusters at Hatal and Sainj villages in the Chakrata area. Due to this the income of farmers has about doubled with about 40 persons who had migrated having returned to their villages as a result. Officials of the watershed management department presented the example of solar pumping scheme at Dhauladevi block of Almora district. This innovation is benefiting 27 farmers, it was Stated. It was also Stated in the workshop that the all-weather road and Rishikesh-Karnprayag railway line will also increase the income generated from tourists. This will strengthen the financial condition in the State which will also help in controlling migration from the State. It was also suggested that the importance of Badri Tulsi and milk of Badri variety of cow should be publicised near Badrinath. Innovative techniques like spring water harvesting should also be encouraged for boosting income of farmers.

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