Mining flouting rules: Anger over govt indifference

Thursday, 28 March 2024 | PNS | UTTARKASHI

In latest news from Uttarakhand, with riverbed mining continuing unabated in the designated eco-sensitive zone, the people and the environmentalists raised serious questions over the efficiency of the department concerned and its officers.  They say that the mining activities in the eco-sensitive zone are not just damaging natural wealth but also negatively impacting biodiversity and the lifestyle of the locals.  Rivers and sources of water this region houses are being polluted and this is threatening aquatic life aside from impacting the health of those who draw such water for drinking and other purposes. Further, the people say that the dust and noise being generated by mining activities are making life of those living in close proximity to the mining sites miserable.

They demand stern actions against the mining mafias who are carrying on with their operations with impunity allegedly in collusion with a section of the department officers and staffers.  

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