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Michel gives Govt ammunition against Congress

The entire family is shivering as the raazdar will spill secrets of politicians he served, says Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday turned the deportation of Christian Michel, the alleged middleman in the Rs 3,600-crore AgustaWestland chopper deal, as the final weapon on the last day of campaigning against the Congress in the Rajasthan Assembly polls, saying Michel will now reveal the secrets of the political master he had served. “I had mentioned the VVIP helicopter case, I spoke about it, about the letter written by Sonia Gandhi. After BJP came to power, we looked for the files, we dug around. They had hidden it away. But one middleman finally was caught after years of digging,” Modi said at an election rally in Pali. Modi, who also addressed rallies in Sumerpur in Pali district and in Dausa, alleged the Gandhi family have been enjoying privileges for four generations. He claimed the Government’s “win” in the apex court on Tuesday was the “victory of the honest”. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court allowed the Income-Tax Department to reopen the tax assessment of Congress president Rahul Gandhi and his mother Sonia Gandhi for 2011-12 in connection with the National Herald case. “Now I will see how you escape… Look at the courage of a ‘chaiwala’ who took those running country for four generations to the court’s door,” Modi said in Sumerpur in a reference to his “chaiwala” roots. Referring to the deportation of Michel, he said, “The entire family is shivering. The ‘raazdar’ (one who hides secrets) will speak up and they don’t know whose name he will disclose… It was a matter of thousands of crore so they are in a state of panic.” Continuing his attack on the Congress, Modi said in Dausa the Congress is a confused party with confused leadership. “They don’t know the difference between Kumbharam and Kumbhkaran,” he jeered, referring to Rahul Gandhi’s gaffe on Tuesday when he mistakenly referred to the Ashok Gehlot Government starting the “Kumbhkaran” lift project instead of saying “Kumbharam” project. Modi said such a confused leadership cannot be good for the party or the country. “They do not have leader, policy and intention,” Modi said. The Congress, he asserted, has lost the election and is now contemplating who to hold responsible for its defeat. “The Congress’ ‘gaaje-baaje’ company thought the BJP was finished in Rajasthan. Now they are saying they are losing due to infighting and rebel candidates,” he said. He said in Dausa that four generations of “naamdars” (dynasts) had shown no concern for tribal communities. Modi has often referred to Gandhi derisively as “naamdar”. “Their family is everything for Congress. The 125 crore people of the country is our family,” he said. Making a point to mention khadi, for which Dausa is famous, he said the Gandhi family had shattered Mahatma Gandhi’s khadi dream. “Mahatma Gandhi worked to make khadi self-reliant, but the fake Gandhi family obliterated it,” he said. Predicting a win for the BJP, he said people in the desert State were clearly in favour of the party coming back to power. “Those singing Raag Darbari in New Delhi will not come to know about the direction of wave flowing,” he said. Read more posts…
Thursday, 06 December 2018 | PNS | Sumerpur/Dausa

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