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Meerut-based couple reverse walk to raise awareness on rising population

Wednesday, 14 September 2022 | PNS | DEHRADUN

A Meerut-based couple Dinesh Talwar and Disha Talwar reverse walked in Dehradun on Tuesday to sensitise citizens and raise awareness about the adverse effects of increasing population in the country which is on the track to be the most populated nation of the world. The Talwars have been campaigning for population control for the last 28 years and have written about one lakh postcards to the Prime Minister. They have also given 6,000 memorandums to the PMO and regularly conduct reverse walks as a part of their campaign to raise awareness on population control in several parts of the country. The Talwar couple also did their reverse walk in Dehradun on Tuesday under their campaign and submitted a memorandum on population control in the district magistrate’s office too. According to the couple, 42 children in one minute and 61,000 children daily are born daily in India which will become a matter of grave concern for the future but the government does not contemplate on this issue. They said they will write another letter to the PM on population growth questioning why the government does not celebrate a day to raise awareness against increasing population and why those working on population growth fail to get acknowledged or rewarded.  In Dehradun, the couple visited various locations in the city through reverse walking to raise awareness among people on population control.

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