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Those aged above 40 should regularly check their blood pressure, say doctors. May Measurement Month (MMM) is a worldwide campaign to raise awareness on hypertension. Started on 17 May 2005, World Hypertension Day is observed to enhance the people’s awareness on hypertension.

When asked about the frequency of monitoring, Dr BS Kushwaha, consultant, medicine at BHEL hospital said, “Those aged above 40 must get it checked once a month. Without monitoring it cannot be detected or controlled. Most people never get their blood pressure checked which causes the late diagnosis and damage of target organs, so awareness is a must.”

Below 50 years of age, women have a somewhat lower prevalence of hypertension than men. After menopause, the prevalence of hypertension increases rapidly in women and surpasses that in men, added Kushwaha.

Yoga and naturopathy experts consider it mainly a mind related disease. Relaxation techniques like meditation and breathing exercises help in balancing the raised blood pressure, they stated. Senior Ayurvedic consultant Dr Anshu Bhalla said, “In Ayurveda there is no such word as hypertension. There is concept of ‘Vyan Vayu Vaishamya’ which means from tip to toe of our bodies, there is circulation of ‘vayu’. It may get disturbed due to the cardiac, cerebral, mental or renal disorders. Right diet and practices can alter these disorders. After 35 years, one must regulate salt, sugar intake and fried food intake. Preservatives used in fast foods are to be strictly excluded from diet. The raised blood pressure can lead to any kind of haemorrhage so it is vital that our body gets oxygenated air through blood circulation,” said Bhalla.

There is an urgent need to raise public awareness on hypertension and its consequences. High risk group includes those suffering from obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, chronic renal disease and family history of cardiovascular disease. Interventions should focus on smoking cessation, reduced intake of salt and alcohol, promotion of healthful diet and physical activity, advised Dr Kushwaha.

Saturday, 18 May 2019 | PNS | Haridwar

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