MCD treating about 50 cattle suffering from LSD

Monday, 26 September | PNS | DEHRADUN

The Municipal Corporation of Dehradun (MCD) is currently treating about 50 cattle suffering from Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) in its provisional isolation ward set up at the Kanji House in Selaqui. The senior veterinary municipal officer Dr DC Tiwari informed that with the increasing cases of LSD across the State, many cattle owners started abandoning their cattle on the roads without even attempting to give them treatment which is immoral and wrong. Many even cut the tags of their cattle so that the authorities do not trace them back to their owners, said Tiwari. He said that most of these cattle are cows who were left on the streets to die because of the disease. He stated,

“We understand that people are scared due to this disease but every cattle owner is responsible for the treatment of their cattle. They should give them proper care like the cattle have given them financial benefits for years. There are many animal lovers in Dehradun but such behaviour towards cattle is disheartening. We have about 50 animals in the MCD’s isolation ward where they are getting the proper treatment. Some of them have already been shifted with the normal cattle in Gau Sadan.” He also appealed to the locals to not leave their cattle in panic as it will potentially increase the rate of the spread of the disease. He informed that there are currently over 1,400 cattle in MCD’s shelter homes besides the cattle suffering from LSD. He said that the MCD will impose hefty fines on those who come to take their well-treated cattle from the shelter. The MCD will also take action against such cattle owners under relevant acts, added Tiwari.

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