Friday, 06 April 2018 | PNS | Dehradun– Various proposals were passed and decisions taken in what is being considered the last meeting of the current board of the Municipal Corporation of Dehradun. The term of the board will be ending on May 4. While the Congress councillors boycotted the board meeting as a sign of protest, Mayor Vinod Chamoli presided over the meeting in which various proposals including Rs 15 lakh budgetary allocation per ward represented by councillors present in the meeting and provision of user charges bill for door to door collection along with the electricity bill were passed in the meeting on Thursday. Later, while talking to media persons, the Mayor said that the Rs 15 lakh would be allocated to each of the wards. Following the recent announcement by Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat to provide relaxation on property tax in areas newly brought under the purview of MCD, the board also granted its formal approval to the same. The board also approved a proposal for property tax based on Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping. The Mayor said that last time the MCD had collected about Rs  12.55 crore in property tax. This amount has increased to about Rs 18 crore for the recently ended financial year. With demands amounting to more than Rs 10 crore in process this amount is expected to increase further. He said that even considering the 10-year tax relief granted to areas newly brought under the MCD, the property tax collection of the corporation would increase to about Rs 40 crore in the coming four to five years. It was proposed that the bill for user charges collected from people for the door to door collection of garbage should be provided along with the electricity bill as is done in some other places. This was approved by the board. The board also approved proposals to refer to the state administration, converting particular shops and land of the corporation to free-hold properties. Proposals for naming various colonies and roads on freedom fighters and martyrs were also passed by the board. Earlier, he thanked all for their cooperation and opined that the board had done considerable good work for the city. Later, while talking the media persons, Chamoli referred to the boycott of the board meeting by Congress councillors, stating that the opposition should have acted responsibly and attended the important board meeting. MLA Umesh Sharma ‘Kau’ was also present in the meeting.

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